The workhorse that started it all, the standard Profiler system, boasts innovative technology with robust, durable equipment that can handle the most extreme conditions and environments. Compatible with all of our add-on test accessories and customizable to ensure it meets your company’s specific testing needs.

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Thank you very much for the last four days of training.  It was very intense but absolutely necessary.  Your product is quite amazing and we can really see the effort and passion you have for it.  We are just as impressed and I really look forward to bringing that “ah-ha” moment to many of our end users.

The services and products offered by SofTek Engineering are leading the way in how control valve maintenance is approached. The Valve Profiler system offered by SofTek has been a game-changer in valve testing and diagnostics. This system can not only tell you what went wrong but also why in most instances.

SofTek Engineering also offers complete training in the setup and use of the Profiler system, and the skills needed to interpret the testing results of many different types and configurations of valves.  Their system can be used on any manufacturer’s control valves.  IPSC is now able to perform all control valve evaluations in-house.

The customer service from Softek Engineering is par excellence.  Their team demonstrates great knowledge in their field.  They are more than willing to offer their expertise to evaluate even the most elusive cause of valve malfunction and offer solutions for a satisfactory resolution.

SofTek Engineering offers continued updates and repair of the profiler system for a nominal fee. Their service is excellent with quick turnaround times should the unit need service. They have been very capable of meeting our tight schedule when service has been needed.

I would recommend SofTek Engineering and its services to any facility. They offer, in my opinion, the best valve testing system available.

Ryan Crafts - Maintenance Planning, Intermountain Power Service Corporation

It is great to have a state-of-the-art diagnostic tool onsite that is highly detailed, technical, and user-friendly.

The training is a must-have to exploit all of the system’s benefits. It has been masterfully thought out and presented in an understandable concise manner. SofTek Engineering’s hospitality was exceptional; they made sure we arrived safely and that we were entertained during our stay.  

The mounting kit of the displacement sensors has is expertly engineered. We have not met a valve that we could not test or attach to.  

Our professional esteem has increased noticeably, so much that is 

difficult to measure in money with our increased profitability.

Lajos Pal, Component Kft




Perfect for on-the-go diagnostics.  Designed specifically for FPSO, this system is lightweight and easy to transport.  Very well suited for commissioning projects and sales calls.

*Not compatible with add-on test accessories.

Safety relief valves are essential and are the last line of defense against lost revenue, downtime, and injury. Profiler SRV is the newest edition to the Profiler family of products. Like our other systems, Profiler SRV is portable and customizable for precise testing in harsh environments. Available as a stand-alone product or as an addition to the standard Profiler

Not compatible with add-on test accessories.

The Profiler SRV rig is great. Easier to set up than other units I have used and compact. The Unit I am used to using is the Ventil Preventest.

Sam Foulkes - ExGroup Pty Ltd




Continuously monitor your most critical valves for rapid detection of performance issues and avoid unplanned downtime. Profiler Online provides real-time information, analysis, and historical data crucial to improving loop performance.

*Not compatible with add-on test accessories.