All of our training is hands on.

Over the years, this has proven to yield the best information retention and results. We continually receive fantastic reviews from our customers who have attended.


Profiler Basic Training


  • Proper hardware and valve attachment for diaphragm and piston valves.

  • Use of calibration screen setup and tuning screen.
  • Analog valve setup procedures.

  • Begin testing analog valves.


  • Analog valve setup and testing review.

  • Linear valve setup procedures.

  • Booster tuning procedures (double acting).


  • Setup and testing of valves with analog and digital positioners.
  • Rotary valve setup procedures (diaphragm and piston), linear vs. =% cams.

  • Digital positioner tuning.


  • Testing of Foundation Fieldbus and solenoid valves.

  • Seat leak testing (automated and manual).

  • Database setup and configuration.

  • Saving tests in tables, searching database, printouts.

  • Diagnosing problem valves.

  • Linear and rotary troubleshooting, diaphragm and piston trouble shooting.

  • Final Review

Day one will begin with a brief meet and greet over breakfast before the day’s training begins, giving us additional time to discuss your business, customers, and what you can expect from our training.

Daily lunch is provided for all attendees, and we will take your group out one evening during your stay in Utah and visit either Park City or downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

Park City hosted the 2002 Winter Olympics, is the home of the United States Winter Olympic Training Venues and annually hosts the Sundance Film Festival. Downtown historic Salt Lake City is home to many of Utah’s most prominent restaurants and historic structures from Utah’s earliest settlers.

Money Well Spent

Just wanted to say I appreciate your hospitality along with your passion.  I am super excited about utilizing the tools you have created.

Sales Group

Thank you for the great hospitality and we both would recommend this product and certainly your training to anyone who asks.
If you find yourselves heading “down-unda” be sure to let me know.  Would very much enjoy being your host and showing you around.
We will keep in touch with you for sure.


I am finally back in Brazil after a very nice week of a massive learning and experiences sharing. I would like to thank you guys again for everything during those 4 days we spent together, it was amazing.

SGS do Brasil

James and Tracy Davis at SofTek Engineering are some of the hardest working folks I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  The week my team and I spent at the valve diagnostics training course, offered by SofTek Engineering was by far the best valve training I have ever received.

After being in the valve business for 30 years, Mr. James Davis provided a new perspective on valve operations and diagnostics.  He was not only informative but also enthusiastic about the class, and made our team feel like we were the most important customers he and Mrs. Davis have.  I recommend the Valve Diagnostics Training course that SofTek Engineering offers to any and all plant personnel.  Any one working within the plant processing industry will benefit from the course and come to better understand the equipment being utilized within the industry.