Control Valve Diagnostics

Profiler™ systems are designed for troubleshooting valves in-line and in harsh environments for valve performance optimization, allowing field technicians to repair in-line and Process Engineer’s vital information to improve loop efficiency immediately. Ruggedness and portability make it perfect for in-house valve repair, offsite locations, commissioning projects, and much more.


The Industry Leader in

Valve Testing

SofTek Engineering produces state-of-the-art valve performance testing equipment. Our Profiler line of products, including the venerable Profiler and Profiler Mini systems, perform advanced automatic control valve diagnostics and more.

Since 1999, we have led the industry in developing control valve diagnostic equipment and test software. Our valve diagnostic systems are currently in use worldwide, and we count many of the most well-known and well-respected companies as our customers. Our test systems are ideal for end-users, valve repair companies, and valve manufacturers.


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In-Line Valve Testing Equipment

The bedrock of our technology is the ability to test valves in line. The benefits of these capabilities are endless, helping users reduce costs and downtime while improving performance and safety. In addition, by utilizing our Profiler™ systems, you can get the information and metrics you need whenever and wherever you need them—no more waiting for a third-party testing company or decommissioning valves to send them out for testing. The time and cost savings you experience can be significant. Our systems also allow you to plan and schedule essential maintenance functions, reducing operational disruption and unexpected repair costs.

Control Valve Diagnostics Equipment

Control valve testing is a complex process, but with Profiler™, it won’t seem like it. We customize the solutions we provide for our customers, providing you with exactly the capabilities you need.

Our advanced valve test systems provide maximum durability, even in the most challenging conditions. We offer various add-on test accessory options, allowing us to customize your system to your specific needs and objectives.

Our block valve test system can quickly and efficiently complete fugitive emissions testing, isolation valve diagnostics, block valve diagnostics, and safety relief valve diagnostics, among other types of testing and performance adjustments.

As new technology becomes available and valve manufacturers add new products, we continuously update the Profiler Test Suite software. Our hands-on training provides an in-depth experience, providing you with all the tools and knowledge you need to maximize the benefits of the equipment.

The SofTek Engineering Difference

Not all valve diagnostic products are created equal. The difference in our case is utilizing the highest quality standards and our firm’s absolute commitment to excellence and customer service.

Suppose you have been considering a test system from another supplier. In that case, we invite you to contact us to learn more about our standard Profiler, Profiler Mini, Profiler Online, Profiler SVR, and our add-on test accessories. We offer in-depth training and exceptional customer support, ensuring you get maximum value from our products.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about the Profiler™ line of valve diagnostic test equipment. We know you will quickly recognize the benefits of choosing SofTek Engineering as your advanced valve diagnostics and optimization partner.

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Safety Relief Valve Diagnostic Systems

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